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Dura Pocket Plus 1000 Memory Single Mattress - Dura Beds

Dura Beds

With its blend of medium pocket springs, body-moulding memory foam and layers of hypo-allergenic fillings, the Pocket Plus Memory 1000 single mattress offers support, comfort and value for money. It is upholstered in a soft to touch knitted stretch fabric cover that features a hand tufted finish; a process that secures the fillings on both sides and ensures they are held firmly in place. The layers of fillings within the mattress are hypo-allergenic and possess a high level of antimicrobial and dust mite resistance, resulting in an ideal sleeping environment for allergy sufferers or asthmatics. The core of the mattress is its pocket spring interior; a superior system made up of totally independent springs that are smaller in diameter, compared to a standard 3 and quot; open coil spring system. Each spring is encased within its own cloth sleeve that allows it to move freely of any neighbouring springs to provide piston-like support to each part of the sleeper’s body. The result is a spring system that directly supports at the point of contact and is not affected by varying weights and body shapes, creating a more responsive feel. An additional feature is a high density foam border around the spring unit that prevents its collapse and allows you to sleep right up to the edge, without the sensation of rolling off. It is an easy care, non-turn mattress that does not require to be flipped over, but still needs to be rotated from head to toe regularly. This will take care of and extend the lifespan of the mattress. Enjoy a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep, every night with the Pocket Plus 1000 Memory single mattress from Dura Beds. Technical Specifications FEATURES BENEFITS Hand tufted finish Secures the upholstery on each side, ensuring the fillings stay in place and helps to increase the life..... (more)

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