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150W LED Low Bay - OSRAM Chip & Driver - Dali

Led Light Bulbs

table {. font-family: arial;. border-collapse: collapse;. width: 100%;. }. td, th {. border: 1px solid #FF671F;. text-align: left;. padding: 2px;. }. tr:nth-child(even) {. background-color: #FFFFFF;. }. Consume up to 65% less power. LUMiLiFE LED Low Bay lighting provides an outstanding lifetime expectation of up to 50,000 hours and a minimum energy saving of 65%. With 0% maintenance costs - payback time can be well under two years. Available in a range of options to suit most environments, the LED Low Bay range has a range of applications such as warehouse and industrial lighting. (5-12m mounting areas). Additional options. The Low Bay Range is manufactured in the UK with the best quality materials. They feature OSRAM LED Chips and OSRAM drivers in a powder coated finished shell. There are various options such as PIR sensor, DALI dimming and emergency. Not only are the units environmentally friendly, they are full BS EN European safety and LIA approved. 5 year LUMiLiFE warranty. On selected products, you can extend your warranty cover to five years by completing and returning our extended warranty form that will entitle you to unlimited replacements. Product dimensions. Height: 603mm - Width: 313mm - Depth: 158mm. Input Voltage:. AC220-240V. Lumens:. 21900 (146lm/W). Light Source Information:. 480 Piece Osram Duris E5630 JDST LED. Driver Information:. OSRAM Optotronic OTe50 1A0 x3. CRI:. >85. Certifications:. BS EN60598-2-2:2012, BS EN61347-1:2008, LIA Verified Scheme..... (more)

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