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3DR Solo Drone - 3DR


3DR Solo Drone

Features:Max Flight Time: Up to 25 minutes (20 with camera and Solo Gimbal *sold separately*)Max Transmission Distance: Up to 2640/805m (depending on environment)Camera Compatibility: Works with GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4 cameras *sold separately*)Twin 1Ghz Linux computers in the aircraft and included remote controller split the computing power and reduce the chance of mechanical glitches.GPS, gyros and accelerometers feed data to the flight computer and Pixhawk 2 Autopilot System to provide a stable, smooth flight for filmmaking and photography.With powerful twin computers, an intuitive remote controller and Smart Shots flight modes, the 3DR Solo gives your GoPro HERO camera easy access to jaw-dropping aerial imagery and big-budget camera angles. A GPS-guided Pixhawk 2 Autopilot System helps you fly so you can focus on creating incredible footage with your GoPro HERO camera, controllable through the Solo App or with an optional 3-axis gimbal (sold separately). Smart Shots, a Safety Net setting, Pause (and hover) button and video game-inspired controls enable easy, worry-free filmmaking so you can produce stunning photo and video without years of flight experience...... (more)

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