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Caterpy Laces - Caterpy Laces

Caterpy Laces

Caterpy Laces

Features:Worlds Number 1 No-Tie Shoe LacesEasily Adjustable TensionPatented Elastic TechnologyElasticity Allows Shoes to Expand and Contract with Natural Foot Movement to Improve CirculationPrevents Pressue Points Caused by Knots, Bows or Plastic HardwareMaterial:77% Nylon, 11% Rubber, 10% Silicon, 2% AcetateCaterpy Laces were invented in Japan by an avid marathon runner, they are performance no tie shoelaces with elastic bumps that provide adjustable tension between eyelets. Caterpy laces have been designed to enhance a broad range of footwear. Although Caterpy Laces are designed for athletic wear, the product is popular among other markets including the elderly, children, medical and special needs. Caterpy Laces are made in Japan with the highest standards of quality.Insert your Caterpy Laces as you would with traditional shoe laces. Set the tension to your comfort, and never worry about tying your shoelaces again! Non-tying active laces with patented elastic technology provide adjustable tension between shoe eyelets...... (more)

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