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Pindaloo - Red - Pindaloo


Pindaloo - Red

Features:1 x Coloured Pindaloo in Red1 x Ball Included2 x Lids IncludedEasy to grip, well weighted and great to handleGreat alternative to skip rope, yo yo, hulahoop or diaboloGreat for fun, fitness and as a giftMeet your new favourite obsession - The Pindaloo!The Pindaloo skill toy is designed to last for many years of play and is made out of 100% recyclable material. Pindaloo isnt just a toy, it is a community. You can take part and contribute by inventing new tricks, breaking records or introducing it to your friends! Fun and engaging you can clown around and have fun with friends or get competitive and take it to a professional level.Pindaloo is excellent for self-improvement; it helps you improve your co-ordination and concentration, it relieves stress, and also helps increase the range of motion in your arms and shoulders.This design-patented skill toy is the ultimate skill-building craze. It combines basic components with simple action principles, creating an addictive, challenging toy with endless tricks and possibilities.The Pindaloo is genius and simple - once you teach yourself the first step, it will be impossible to put down. The Pindaloo is the perfect toy for you.Perfectly suitable for everyone, everywhere, at any time, its a joyful, fun, and friendly reason to shut down the screens and learn the skills the right way!..... (more)

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